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Stop Smoking Testimonials

Stop Smoking It has made my life better. I am glad the smell of smoke on my clothes and fingers is gone. My asthma has improved and this was the easiest and most effective way to stop smoking. It works!! Kimberly Slagle
Stop Smoking I have a high stress sales job and this method helped me quit with no problems. I’ve been a long time smoker and I’m surpised how easy this was. I’m no longer a smoker. This was money well spent. G.B.
Stop Smoking Thanks for helping me quit my 2 pack a day habit. I saw you for only 1 session and it works. You’ve got the gift, Greg Nancy S.
Stop Smoking As you know I was not sure hypnosis would work for me. In fact, I was pretty uptight about it at first. Your presence and voice are so calm and soothing that after the first session I was able to relax and let you guide me into communicating with those parts of my inner mind responsible for my smoking. Thanks for helping me deal with my deamons because now I no longer have the desire to smoke Jan.
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After your last cigarette …
  • 20 minutes – your heart rate returns to normal
  • 2 hours – your blood pressure begins to return to normal
  • 12 hours – carbon monoxide levels drop
  • 24 hours – your risk for having a heart attack declines
  • 48 hours – sense of taste and smell return to normal
  • 2 weeks – able to perform physical activity without being winded
  • 1 month – lungs start to repair themselves
  • 1 year – risk of heart disease cut in half